WordPress Project Launch

Why Project Launch?

Our experience tells us that website development and web project launch are not the same things. When you make a website, your primary task is to build a workable platform. Developer doesn’t think about how the customer will use his website. So he finishes his work and goes away, leaving behind lots of things left to do that was never thought about:

  1. Website structure. Good structure gives you solid, positive impression. Your visitor sees entire website as a whole and knows where to go to get specific information;
  2. Content and data presentation. Content is a blood and soul of your website. Clean, good written text with charts and pictures gives you respect and attention;
  3. Widgets and information blocks. As entire web structure, your page layout should give visitors thinkful and logical picture. Widgets, side blocks, related information are good companions if you use them right;
  4. Search engine optimization. Another side of good web projects is a visibility to search systems like Google. Semantic page structure, advanced data markup, keywords and titles and lots of other stuff;
  5. Marketing tools integration. Also there are lots of network tools that help you drive your business. Website statistics and tracking tools, advertizing systems, affiliate programs, etc.


So though your website is technically ready, it could be for sure not completed as a business project. Customers often doesn’t know what to do next when they get their website, and here we can be of help for you.

We know what problems stand behind internet projects. And we won’t finish our work until we provide you with the absolute result – the product that will lead your way in internet marketing.

What we offer?

  1. You get ideas on entire project. What and how should be represented on your website;
  2. We help you with choosing the premium theme that will be perfect for your purposes;
  3. We do the whole web development work for you;
  4. We do all setup for SEO and marketing tools;
  5. We add all the graphics you need, all texts, advise you on what should be the best for every information block on every page


As result you get the project, built exactly for your purposes and needs. You dont need to be worry on how to manage it, whether you can make a perfect pages for your website or not, which functions and external tools you need. You just get the best product you need in the best way you need it.



Launch your project now!

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