WordPress Data Import

Big Data WordPress Import

Have a huge amount of data?

There are lots of cases you could deal with big data:

  1. You migrating from one website to another;
  2. You take part in affiliate program and need to upload a big product list to your website;
  3. You have a large CSV file with companies and want to add it to your web directory;
  4. You manage a web shop with lots of products;
  5. Etc.

And uploading this data to your website could be really a headache – the more data you get, the more time you should spend with it. And of course you think about how you can get it done quick and easy.

We know what to do!

Dealing with big data is a quite common situation for us. We made tons of imports ton of times and solved lots of problems that go along with importing data. Sometimes it is a really BIG bunch of data and you think how to deliver it to your website in appropriate time. Sometimes data has complicated structure and you need to code new import functions to make everything right. Sometimes you should think about how to map all the data to get clean and nice result on a new website.

And it’s absolutely no problem for us. We have professional and self-coded tools and lots of knowledge to do the best import.



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Posted on October 11, 2015 in WordPress Maintenance

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