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We think that WordPress is the best CMS at the moment. It is very usable, with great community, development possibilities and market.

But just as any other real product it can’t be ideal. And the most problematic part here is WordPress dashboard.


What’s wrong with WP dashboard?

WP admin pages has several major disadvantages:

  1. WordPress admin pages has no template system and therefore hardly cusomizeable. You need a lot of efforts for customization, and even then you dont get full control;
  2. WordPress dashboard is not a white label product. There’s customization and branding possibilities, but we can’t say it would be enough for any purpose;
  3. Some of WordPress functions/components are not made for multi-user purposes. For example, if user has access to media library, he can get access any uploaded picture/file. But it’s no good if you want to divide user access for website media;
  4. Some of WordPress components has problems with user rights system. For example, many plugins allow to see their settings or metaboxes for anyone who has access to dashborad or post adding/editing.


What we offer on admin pages

  1. Fully customizeable solution for your design. You let us know how you want it too look – we make it;
  2. Everything we do works from the front end – with no signs of WP dashboard and branding;
  3. Any functions you want – just tell us and we’ll implement it right away;
  4. Any user rights you want – from WP defaults to absultely custom access system;
  5. Settings page for any plugin. If you want to see any plugin settings for your new dashboard, you’ll get it;
  6. Extensions system. And of course we can add customization/extension functions for later admin page development.


Get your custom dashboard!

Posted on October 14, 2015 in WordPress Admin Page Development, WordPress Development

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