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List of services we provide

Website development

Job titleMeasure unitsPriceWhat we do?
Website making2 weeks$800Install the premium theme you provide + set things up and customize all you need + install all necessary plugins you need for work + fill pages with provided/chosen content + deploy everything on your hosting. Order now!
Theme install1 hour$10Install the theme you like (free or premium), then check if it works fine. Order now!
Theme setup1 day$100Set your theme up with your logo and any other graphic data you prodived. We can make this theme look like on its demo page (if any) or as you want it to look (within theme capabilities). Order now!
WordPress theme development1 hour$50Hourly work. Integrate your HTML templates with WordPress functions. Admin page functions are not included. Order Now!
WordPress plugin, administration or widgets development1 hour$50Hourly work. Plugin developent - any purpose, any function. Also this includes admin pages and widgets development. Order now!
PHP Coding1 hour$50Hourly work. Custom PHP tasks. Please make sure we are able to complete your task before ordering! Order now!
JavaScript Coding1 hour$50Hourly work. Custom Front-end tasks. Please make sure we are able to complete your task before ordering! Order now!
HTML/CSS coding1 hour$30Hourly work. HTML layout development. You provide us with PSD design and get HTML + LESS (or produced CSS on demand) templates for your website. Pixel perfect copy of your design guaranteed. Order now!

Website Customization

Job titleTimeframePriceWhat we do?
Website design customization1 hour$15Hourly work. Change website styles (no template changes allowed - style editing only)
Child theme making1 hour$25Hourly work. Change desired theme in any way you want. Style change, template change, etc. No additional functios allowed - see WordPress plugin, administration or widgets development or WordPress theme development for functional modifications.
Plugin install and setup2 hours$30You want your website to do something - we install appropriate plugin and set it up
Change plugin output styles1 hour$20Hourly work. Change plugin styles (no template changes allowed) to match your theme design
Add a slider1 hour$20Hourly work. Make slider based on your sketches and provided/chosen pictures. In common we work with Revolution Slider or Layer Slider. Any other sliders can be discussed.
Add website statistics1 hour$20Add any statistics service you like. One order - one service.
Social networks integration: content forwarding2 hours$50Setting up automatic content forwarding for one social nerwork.
Add multilingual support1 day$300Set up multilingual plugin and add all necessary code for your website to be fully translated. We will also add translations for two languages for menu, and website elements.
Add large data set to your website1 day$300You have a big bunch of data you want to be on your website, and this data is stored in database, XML or CSV? We have knowledge how to import it perfect and fast
Social comments form install and setup2 hours$30Install social comments (our proposal or your demand)
Adding content1 hour$15Hourly work. Add anything you like - text, images, listings, products. With absolute care and attention to result.
Gathering data for your website1 hour$15Hourly work. If you have no preferred grapgics for your website, we can find it to you. It can be useful for banners, sliders, backgrounds, etc.

Website maintenance

Job titleTimeframePriceDescription
Website optimization1 day$100Check if everything you use on your site is up to date, if there are any unnecessary data in database, are there any plugins slowing your page generation down, are there any issues with pages load speed and so on.
Website issues check1 hour$20Hourly work. Checking causes of problems you have with your site. Solving this problems is another service (template modification, plugin development and so on).
Website security check1 day$100Check if there are any malicious code on your website, any bugs or vulnerabilities. Removing mailcious code is included, removing vulnerabilities - not (this work requires plugin installation or other customization work). Also, vulnerability check does not include deep code analysis.
Deep vulnerability check1 hour$50Hourly work. Deep vulnerability check includes code analysis.
Website backup4 hours$50Full website backup - files, database, uploaded data
Custom website, hosting or VPS administration tasks1 hour$20Hourly work. Any administration task you need and we can handle.

Tech support pricing

You can hire us on monthly basis. Here’s our price grid for this service:

Make it simple

$300 per month
    • 20 Hours
    • Weekdays Support
    • 12 hours Reaction
    • Weekly Backup
    • Weekly Updates
    • Daily Observation
    • Up to three Websites
    • One Hostings/VPS
    • Brief Stats
    • Basic Customization
    • Brief Recommendations

Hard work to do

$3000 per month
    • 200 Hours
    • 24×5 Weekdays Support
    • Immidiate Reaction
    • Daily Backup
    • Daily Updates
    • Daily Observation
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Up to ten Hostings/VPS
    • Full Stats
    • Full Customization
    • Full Recommendations

Our life for your website

$5000 month
    • 300 Hours
    • 24×7 Support
    • Immidiate Reaction
    • Daily Backup
    • Daily Updates
    • Daily Observation
    • Unlimited Websites
    • Any Hosting/VPS count
    • Full Stats
    • Full Customization
    • Full Recommendations

What does this table mean?

Hours – Is what time of guaranteed work you get. This time can be spent for solving issues, adding content, communicating tech support and making any unplanned work with the maintained websites.

Support – Is when we are in touch.

Reaction – Is maximum time we react on your task. Critical issues are always solved As Soon As Possible.

Backup – Full website backup (files, uploaded data, database)

Updates – Check if all of your components (WordPress, theme, plugins) is up to date and add new content if you need it (within Hours of work value).

Observation – Check website perfomance, hosting billing, domain expiration date, any suspicious activities.

Websites – Is up to what number of websites we will maintain.

Hosting/VPS count – Is up to what number of your VPS or hostings we will maintain.

Stats – Is website statistics report. Visitors, problems, etc.

  • Brief stats is just a basic information;
  • Detailed – includes audience, most visited pages, used devices and keywords;
  • Full – you get everything that can be of use.

Customization – Is what can be done with website itself.

  • Basic for adding content, widgets and plugins – no template or structure changes are allowed;
  • Advanced for template changes and structure changes, plus basic customization;
  • Full is for complete website development

Recommendations – Is what we can advise you about your website.

  • Basic includes what content do you need and how to add it;
  • Advanced is for SEO check and statistics analysis plus basic volume;
  • Full is for complete content management, SEO inspections and website pomotion.

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